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Trust Risk Privacy Security


TRiPS (Trust Risk Privacy Security)

Our research addresses key technical aspects of information security and privacy - such as cryptography and system security and address broader human, economic and societal aspects of security, privacy, risk and trust. Also to develop security and privacy awareness and education approaches as well as usable security. To achieve these research goals the research group is very interdisciplinary, i.e. computer science, math, psychology, social science, and communication science.





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In our current research, we focus on easy-to-use encryption tools for personal communication, designing and analyzing cryptographic primitives such as block and stream ciphers, public-key encryption schemes.

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Usable Security

Security requirements come from people, individually or in wider society. And the effectiveness of security solutions often depends on the behaviour of people.

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User-Centered Security

User-centered security is about researching the best possible trade-offs and means to achieve good security that users are willing and able to use properly.

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Privacy Awareness

To educate the public, governments, and companies about both the techniques used and the outcomes of using them, and to make sure people demand more security and privacy since they would be aware that more is possible.

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Security Protocol

Study a wide variety of topics, from designing cryptographic protocols to the evaluation of their effectiveness to enable secure communication, such as key agreement protocols, key distribution schemes, secret sharing schemes,

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Security in Organization

Study a wide variety of topics from security assessment and audit. Provides many techniques used and the outcomes of using them.

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Ari Kusyanti received her MSc degree in Information Security Technology from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands in 2015. She received her BSc in Information Technology from Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia. Currently, she is working as a lecturer in Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia, which she joined in 2011. Since 2015, she has been leading the TRiPS (Trust, Risk, Privacy and Security) project she founded. She has various accomplishments including Full Scholarship and funded research project from General Electric (GE) and ASML Netherlands, B.V.

Ari KusyantiDepartment of Computer Science

Harin received her BSc degree in Information System from Universitas Brawijaya in 2017. Her current research is "An Empirical Study of App Permissions: A User Protection Motivation Behaviour", and serves as a technical team coordinator of TRiPS (Trust, Risk, Privacy and Security) project.

Harin Puspa Ayu CatherinaDepartment of Information System

Yustiyana received her BSc degree in Information System from Universitas Brawijaya in 2017. Her current research is "Creating and Protecting Password: A User Intention", and serves as a team coordinator of TRiPS (Trust, Risk, Privacy and Security) project.

Yustiyana April Lia SariDepartment of Information System

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